How to be a better manager...

Do you want to be a better manager?

Here are the three things you need to get right to raise the bar on performance in your team and organization: setting clear expectations, coaching and giving feedback, and how to delegate. Register today to get access to these videos and to be a better manager today. - liesel kipp.png

"The ability to really coach is a rare skill and Bruce certainly has it. He created real value day one. His ability to  ask probing questions and listen carefully quickly zeroed him in on our key issues."

Liesel Kipp, VP Product - brian glaser.png

"Bruce is a unique and valuable mentor and gets us to focus and prioritize our time with him. He doesn’t tell you what to do, rather asks insightful and probing questions to get us to think about our business in different, often bigger, ways."

Brian J. Glaser, Ph.D., Head of Executive Development - giorgio nadi.png

"Bruce is very aware and an amazing listener, able to see clearly what individual is struggling with."

Giorgio Nadi, CEO