Early-stage companies

Being a Better Manager was specifically developed for startups and high-growth companies in dynamic markets using team-based management structures.

Lean/Agile mindset

Being a Better Manager focuses on the rapid creation of value, iterative planning, response to feedback, and development of a culture of continuous improvement.

Practical training

Using a combination of online learning, in-person and online workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Being a Better Manager ensures maximum skill uptake and real world application.



Private Training allows you to focus just on the skills and topics you need, in the order you want, with custom content to meet your unique needs.


Private Training allows you to set your own schedule and pace so you get the training you want, where you want it, and when you need it.

YOUR People

Concerned about your companies confidentiality? Private Training means just that, private. Only your people and only your content.

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Just a few of the topics covered…

Managing People: Defining expectations and score cards, hiring and on-boarding people, on-boarding, Weekly coaching meeting, Dealing with underperformance, Developing people over time

Personal Productivity: Creating a good project and task management system, capturing everything coming at you, sorting and prioritizing, time blocking, handing things you won’t get to

Delegating: Deciding what to delegate, selecting people to delegate to, how to delegate, follow up and avoiding the "boomerang"

Critical Thinking: Collecting and analyzing data, developing inferences and insights, creating executive reports, developing and presenting recommendations

Communications: Communication styles, team development, adoption strategies, conflict resolutions methods

Project Management: Defining projects, estimating and planning, implementation and weekly planning, daily project huddles, re-planning and re-scoping projects, ROI and reviews

Teams: What makes a great team, five factors of team performance, launching teams, underperforming teams and difficult situations

Effective Meetings: Good meetings and bad meetings, elements of a good meeting, ground rules, good meeting habits, dealing with problem meetings

Who should attend…

Executives: The need for exceptional management doesn't stop when you become an executive, in fact, it increases. Whether you’re the CEO or a newly minted VP, Being a Better Manager will help you sharpen your skills.

Managers: Without a solid and capable middle management, any company would quickly crumble. Being a Better Manager will raise your game so you can improve your results and accelerate your career.

Team Leads: Whether you're leading a team of two, or a team of two dozen, your success will depend on your management skills. Being a Better Manager will show you how to align your colleagues and drive to the results you want and need.

Interested in learning more?

Book a free call to discuss your situation, needs, and the best program for you and your team.

"I majored in Human and Organizational Development
in college, but I learn more in a single session with Bruce than I did
during entire semesters there."

Justine Schwartz

"He's always pushing us to be lean and learn from our user data, which is extremely important for an early stage startup."

Josh Currie, Co-Founder & CEO

"Bruce designed and facilitated programs on 'Managing Agile Projects' and 'Adopting Agile Practices Using Lean and Kanban Techniques'. These programs were very engaging and involved simulation exercises that were excellent."

Kavin Moody, Executive Director