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Organizational Management Skills Assessment

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Everyone’s role is clearly defined with a limited set of key responsibilities
Responsibilities are defined by a set of objectives measures and definition of success
Managers and direct reports have regular conversations about performance and expectations
Goals are set using specific and measurable terms
Individual and teams responsibilities, expectations and KPIs are visible for everyone
Performance is reviewed in a professional way and people hold themselves accountable
Feedback on performance is given and received effectively and constructively
Everyone has a set of development goals, a plan for implementation, and a coach
Departments and team hold daily standups to coordinate activities and tasks
Planning is done on a regular basis to incorporate new information and make adjustments to plans
There are a regular set of meeting rhythms to review, plan, and monitor work
Teams have a clearly defined purpose, set of roles, and decision making process
Everyone has a clear, objective definition of a “good day”
Differences in communication styles are known and people make adjustments
People meet on a regular basis to review work, discuss improvements, and track changes
Feedback is collected and processed from employees, customers, partners, and vendors
All people, teams, and departments have a clearly defined set of priorities
Accomplishments are celebrated by everyone in the company