Manage Yourself

Clarify your responsibilities, determine your priorities, and discover your flow to maximize your productivity

Manage Your People

Establish roles, set clear expectations, and create performance indicators to define success for your direct reports and teams.

Manage Your Projects

Explore practical and effective project planning and reviews in order to set goals and mitigate risks and maximize success.

What You'll Learn

Being a Better Manager INTENSIVE is a one-day program designed to help people discover the art of management in a practical, experiential, and engaging manner. Here are some of the key topics covered during the session.

Prioritization: Defining your role and key value, prioritizing your work and tasks, understanding the important vs. the urgent, understanding personal flow.

Personal Management: Creating a good project and task management system, capturing everything coming at you, sorting and prioritizing, time blocking, handing things you won’t get to.

Managing People: Defining expectations and score cards, hiring and on-boarding people, weekly coaching meetings.

Project Management: Defining projects, estimating and planning, implementation and weekly planning, daily project huddles, re-planning and re-scoping projects.

Effective Meetings: Good meetings and bad meetings, elements of a good meeting, ground rules, good meeting habits, dealing with problem meetings.

Sessions are designed as group activities and experience learning to increase engagement and address real-world management scenarios.

Who Should Attend

Executives: The need for exceptional management doesn't stop when you become an executive, in fact, it increases. Clear expectations, coaching your staff, and effective communications are critical to executive success. Whether your the CEO or a newly minted Director, Being a Better Manager INTENSIVE will help you sharpen your skills.

Managers: Without a solid and capable middle management, any company would quickly crumble. As a manager, these skills are you core toolbox for delivering results. Being a Better Manager INTENSIVE will raise your game so you can improve your results and accelerate your career.

Team Leads: Whether you're leading a team of two, or a team of two dozen, your success will depend on your ability to define clear roles, set expectations, and clarify decision making. Being a Better Manager INTENSIVE will show you how to align your colleagues and drive to the results you want and need.

Aspiring Leaders: All great managers began by mastering self-management. Start by learning how set your personal priorities and focus your energy, then advance to how to communicate expectations and give effective feedback. Being a Better Manager INTENSIVE will set you on your path towards management success.



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