Being a Better Manager ONLINE is a eight-module online course specifically for founders, executives and managers in early stage, high growth companies who want to become great managers. 

Develop the critical skills you need to be successful in an early stage, high growth environment. In each module you’ll watch a series of short videos and work on a set of exercises to discover, develop, and apply the concepts and skills.

After the online work, each member will then have one-on-one coaching time with an expert executive coach to further discuss topics and implementation strategies based on your specific role and context.



Executives: The need for exceptional management doesn't stop when you become an executive, in fact, it increases. Whether your the CEO or a newly minted VP, Being a Better Manager ONLINE will help you sharpen your skills.

Managers: Without a solid and capable middle management, any company would quickly crumble. Being a Better Manager ONLINE will raise your game so you can improve your results and accelerate your career.

Team Leads: Whether you're leading a team of two, or a team of two dozen, your success will depend on your management skills. Being a Better Manager ONLINE will show you how to align your colleagues and drive to the results you want and need.

Better manage yourself, your people, your projects, and your teams


Prioritization: Defining your role and key value, prioritizing your work and tasks, understanding the important vs. the urgent, understanding personal flow

Personal Management: Creating a good project and task management system, capturing everything coming at you, sorting and prioritizing, time blocking, handing things you won’t get to

Delegating: Deciding what to delegate, selecting people to delegate to, how to delegate, follow up and avoiding the "boomerang"

Managing People: Defining expectations and score cards, hiring and onboarding people, onboarding, Weekly coaching meeting, Dealing with underperformance, Developing people over time

Communications: Communication styles, team development, adoption strategies, conflict resolutions methods

Project Management: Defining projects, estimating and planning, implementation and weekly planning, daily project huddles, re-planning and re-scoping projects, ROI and reviews

Teams: What makes a great team, five factors of team performance, launching teams, underperforming teams and difficult situations

Effective meetings: Good meetings and bad meetings, elements of a good meeting, ground rules, good meeting habits, dealing with problem meetings

Program Includes

Prep-program assessment and consultation

Access to all eight online modules

Eight one-on-one coaching sessions after each module

Two additional bonus sessions you can use any time

Access to the community page for one year

Access to the monthly Q&Q calls for one year

Access to all previous Q&A recordings for one year



Program Price: $2,495

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the program for any reason, contact us at info@eckfeldt.com within seven (7) days of purchase and get a complete 100% refund, no questions asked.

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"I've worked at several large, prestigious companies and I've never
had access to a management coach as skilled and effective as Bruce."

Jeanine Edwards, Vice President

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"Bruce has helped us develop multiple internal processes that have dramatically increased our ability to work efficiently and address company issues in a meaningful and professional manner."

Shelby Rodriguez, Creative Manager

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"Bruce is an expert in training people on communications and conflict resolution. By the end, he was a trusted advisor and mentor to everyone."

Joe Pirret, Director UX


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"Bruce is an outstanding coach. He's committed to the success of others, takes a practical approach and is inspiring."

Domenic Romano, Founder

"Bruce is a unique and valuable mentor and gets us to focus and prioritize our time with him. He doesn’t tell you what to do, rather asks insightful and probing questions to get us to think about our business in different, often bigger, ways."

Brian J. Glaser, Ph.D., Head of Executive Development

"Bruce's approach to coaching is focused on the fundamentals: taking a team of smart, creative individuals and helping them reach their fullest potential."

John Robokos, VP of Software Delivery