Private Training allows you to focus just on the skills and topics you need, in the order you want. You can also develop custom and company-specific content to meet your unique needs.


Can't make the standard online or live courses? No problem. Private Training allows you to set your own schedule and pace to programs so you get the training you want, when you need it.

YOUR People

Concerned about your companies confidentiality? Private Training means just that, private. Only your people and only your content. Ensure that your business, stays your business.

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"I majored in Human and Organizational Development
in college, but I learn more in a single session with Bruce than I did
during entire semesters there."

Justine Schwartz

"He's always pushing us to be lean and learn from our user data, which is extremely important for an early stage startup."

Josh Currie, Co-Founder & CEO

"Bruce designed and facilitated programs on 'Managing Agile Projects' and 'Adopting Agile Practices Using Lean and Kanban Techniques'. These programs were very engaging and involved simulation exercises that were excellent."

Kavin Moody, Executive Director