Being a Better Manager Video Series

Watch our video series on effective management in early stage, high growth environments and discover how you can elevate your management game. These short video provide insights and techniques for how to be an effective manager in today's Lean/Agile environment of self-managed teams and flat hierarchies.

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“I learned more in a single session with Bruce than I did during entire semesters at school. His lessons are very straightforward and concise. Lots of a clear takeaways!”

Justine Schwartz, Editorial Director

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"My staff raves about working with him and how he's able to apply the topics to their situations and actually coach them through specific examples. I saw immediate results and impact."

Michelle Madhok, CEO

"We learned a lot of helpful and practical advice on how to approach different people with different communications styles. I immediately saw applications to both my personal and business relationships."

Trent Oliver, CEO