The three questions you ask to find your perfect customer

Wanting to sell everything to everyone is a common trap for many early-stage executives. Here’s what you should focus on instead.

If you find yourself catering your product or service every time you make a sale, you’re not the only one.

It’s something that many companies do, especially at the beginning. You follow leads, see them through, and offer whatever that person might be searching for at the time.

What’s the big deal? “A sale is a sale.” Right?

Wrong. While the “sale-is-a-sale” mentality might be necessary to get the ball rolling in the beginning, that mindset is no way to scale your company.

To scale, you need to have those tough decision-making sessions.

You need pinpoint how your core customer thinks and be able to pick them out from a crowd.

The bottom line is that in order to scale, you need to be selling to fewer people.

In this video, I outline my tips for core customer strategy. There are three key questions to ask yourself and your team to really nail down who you serve and who your target customer is.

If you want to learn more about the details that go into identifying your core customers, check out the recent articles I wrote on this topic.

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When you define your core customer and sell to fewer prospects, you’ll be doing your long term growth a huge favor.

Are you selling to everyone and finding it hard to focus?

Narrowing your company’s focus isn’t easy and making decisions can be hard. Let’s set up a call to go over some of the key questions you should be asking yourself and talk about the roadblocks that might be in your way.

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Bruce “Decision-Maker” Eckfeldt

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