Are you the victim, the villain, or the hero?

If you’ve been to my website you’ll know that one of my core promises is “less drama.” While I love a good Broadway play or series on Netflix, drama in the workplace is generally not very productive.

Unfortunately, it’s also rampant in many businesses.

Emotions in the workplace are understandable. We are human and driven by emotions and feelings. We want to have fun, celebrate success, and enjoy ourselves. And we need emotions to do all of those things. Emotions are important and necessary.

The problem comes when emotions pull us into destructive patterns unwittingly. If we’re not careful, emotions can blind us to the bigger picture and suck us into behavior that isn’t productive.

But in many cases, it’s not hard to get unstuck. Here’s how…

The vast majority of drama on teams and in organizations falls into a classic victim-villain-hero pattern. Once you realize that it’s happening on your team, you can disrupt the pattern and reduce the drama by coaching new people into new roles.

If you want to learn more about the patterns, watch the video or check out an article I recently wrote about this on

3 Common Roles Found in Any Workplace Drama, and How to Rewrite the Script

The great thing is that you don’t need to change everyone. Coaching just one person into a new role will often be enough to break the spell and get others to make changes.

Left unchecked however, the pattern tends to be negatively reinforcing and will often cause the team/organization to spiral downward, sometimes to the point of no return.

Do you have a team that’s struggling?

I work with struggling teams a lot, helping them reset their focus and boost their morale. Check out my team launch program, which works great as a “reboot” program.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs. I’m happy to make time for those on my list. Just shoot me an email and we’ll schedule a call.

Bruce “Action!” Eckfeldt

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