How can you tell if someone is coachable?

No matter how you spin it, coaching is not for everyone. Have you ever struggled with an employee or direct report that doesn’t seem open to the coaching process?

As their manager or mentor, you know there’s room for improvement. You tried being nice and perhaps you’ve even tried yelling and screaming, too. Bottom line is you have tried in a number of ways to explain the change you're looking for—and nothing seems to work.

The fact remains: not everyone is coachable.

So what can you do?

Having been a business coach for over a decade, I’ve learned to look out for a few key characteristics.

These telltale signs usually give me a good idea as to whether a person will be receptive to new ideas and approaches. If my potential clients or direct reports don’t have these qualities, I’ll be reluctant to start the coaching process with them.

In this video, I outlined a few of them that I look out for: self-awareness, ambition, and accountability.
I also wrote about all six qualities I look for in a recent article on

Coaching Is a Powerful Management Tool, but Not Everyone Can Be Coached. Here’s How to Tell.

Are you or one of your people coachable?

Let’s set up a call to talk through the “warning signs” you might be seeing. Coaching is an investment whether you are the one giving or the one receiving the coaching. You’ll want to set yourself up for success by being prepared for the coaching process before it begins.

Bruce “Coach” Eckfeldt

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