Most meetings suck. But they don’t have to.

As much as I’m sure you would like to, you can’t run a business without meetings.

Let me agree with you upfront, most meeting suck. In fact, so many meetings suck that my friend Cameron Herold has written a book about it. And a quick search on Amazon shows that he’s not the only one. Bad meetings are rampant in most organizations.

Despite sucking, however, we need them.

Meetings provide a critical time and place to discuss issues, debate options, and make decisions in real time. And meeting face-to-face allows for broad-spectrum communication that collaboration tools and online documents just can’t match.

But while we can’t, and shouldn’t, try to get rid of all meetings, we can zero in on the meetings we really do need and work to make them as good as we possibly can.

I run many types of meetings for my clients. Strategy meetings, planning meetings, retrospective meetings, and progress review meetings are just a few of the examples

And while they are all different and have different goals, they all still have common elements that make them good meetings.

Here is an article I wrote for on the five things that I make sure all of my meetings have. If you’re finding yourself in a lot of sucky meetings, try a few of these.

Why Most Meetings Suck—and 5 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Yours Don't

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Still struggling?

Set up a call with me to discuss your meeting woes and I’ll see what I can do to help. I have yet to see a meeting I can’t improve somehow.

Bruce “Facilitator” Eckfeldt

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