Tired of sitting through presentations that take too long?

Have you ever been in a presentation that went waaaay over its time slot?

If you’re like most of the executives I coach, that’s basically their job. Or at least it seems like it for many of them.

Most of their days are spent sitting through meeting after meeting, listening to people give poorly prepared presentations that are long on time and short on content.

Giving effective presentations is something I work with all of my clients on.

Making sure they can get to the point, make their case, and do so with time left over. Not easy, but if done right, it drives productivity and organizational effectiveness. In most cases, the trick is to say less, not more. And to say it with clarity and impact.

One tool I often use with the companies and teams I work with, is a training technique called pechakucha.

It’s a structured format that forces the presentation to end on time, thereby requiring the presenter to be prepared and be able to deliver with precision. I recently wrote an article on Inc.com about how you can use this to improve your skills, here is the link:

Do Your Presentations Drag On? Here Is 1 Simple Technique to Keep Them Pointed and Concise


Presentations are just one of many good management skills. Great companies have great managers and they know how to manage themselves, their people, their projects, and their teams.

If you want to learn more about how to level-up your team’s ability to execute with precision and with good management, you might want to check out Being a Better Manager, which is the training program we’ve developed over the years specifically designed for high-growth companies.

Being a Better Manager

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Bruce “Less is More” Eckfeldt

PS - Want to level-up your team and reduce the drama? When you’re ready, here are a few ways we can work together…

Leadership Team Assessment
Let’s create a plan for how you can better engage in constructive debate, achieve true commitment to decisions, and increase the level of accountability on your team.

Project or Quarterly Retrospective
Just finished a big project or closed your quarter? Let’s reflect on how things went through in retrospection. We’ll collect the data, develop key insights, and identify actions that will improve your future results.

Planning with OKRs
Objectives-Key Results (OKRs) are a great way to tie strategy to execution with actionable and measurable quarterly goals. Developed by Intel and used by Google, Facebook, and many rocket-ship startups, they will take your planning to the next level.

Not sure what approach would be best for you?
No worries, just book a call and we’ll talk through your goals and current challenges and figure out the best strategy for your situation.

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