Discover YouR Core Values

Discover Your Core Values is a simple and easy-to-use online course that reveals your core values that helps you make better decisions that are aligned with what makes you tick.


Personal Annual Plan provides busy leaders and executives a focused process for getting their personal priorities and commitments clear and aligned with their personal values and purpose.

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Mastering Mastermind

Mastering Mastermind gives matermind and forum groups the tools they need to assess the group's health, elevate each member's level of commitment, and align the entire team around a core set of values and priorities.

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"Every business owner needs to spend time working on their business and Bruce's program provides the structure and coaching expertise to take it to the next level."

Peter Ungureanu, Co-Founder and CEO

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"Every startup CEO should attend Bruce's program. He provided a lot of clarity and I came away with actionable steps to grow my startup business."

Andy Huh, Co-founder & CEO

"Bruce is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and is very experienced in its application in the real world. Further, Bruce’s consulting skills and ability to act as an advisor has been very helpful and valuable."

Igor Shindel, CIO