I'm very excited and eager to begin our work and to set up our first session. A few things we need to do to get things in order and set up so that we can make the most of our time together. Below is a brief checklist and instructions. If anything is unclear or you need any help whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email at bruce@eckfeldt.com.

Looking forward to speaking with you and soon!


Checklist for what you need to do before our first session:

  1. Read the information below and the FAQs and send me any questions
  2. Set up you private blog for journalling (see instructions below)
  3. Journal at least once (see FAQs for journalling suggestions)
  4. The day before our first session, fill out the Pre-Session Worksheet
  5. After our session, fill out the Post-Session Worksheet

Setting up your private blog for journaling

A central part of my coaching process is journalling. Journalling helps continue the ideas and discussions between our sessions and will allow for a deeper exploration.

Ultimately, my hope, is that journaling will become a powerful and key tool for you in your own self-coaching toolbox. We will discuss topics and questions to journal about, however you should feel free to use the journal to explore any and all topics that interest you or which you find meaningful and helpful.

Instructions (10 steps total) for setting up your private blog for journaling:

1) Create a blogger.com account. (If you have a Google account, this will already be set up.)

2) Create a new blog for journaling. Name it whatever you would like.

3) IMPORTANT: make it private. You do this by going to Settings > Permissions > Basic and set both privacy settings to "No"

4) IMPORTANT: restrict readers to yourself.  You do this by going to Settings > Permissions > Basic (same page as above) and set "Blog Readers" to "Private - Only these readers" (If you don't do this your blog will be visible to anyone.)

download (4).png

5) Add beckfeldt@gmail.com as an reader. This is so that I can read and comment on your journal.

6) Under Settings > Posts and comments > Who can comment? set it to "User with Google Accounts"

7) Under Settings > Posts and comments > Comment Moderation set it to "Never"

8) Under Settings > Mobile and email > Email posts to add beckfeldt@gmail.com so that I'm notified when you post a journal entry.

9) Under Settings > Mobile and email > Post using email: set the email "code", add this email to your contacts (so you can email entries to your journal/blog), and set is to "Publish email immediately ". (You can set the string in the box (red line) to anything you want.)

10 ) Set a daily reminder in your calendar to journal (include the email address from Step 9 in the reminder so you can just click it)