Strategic Thinking

Powerful executives know how to critically assess all types of situations and to develop effective solutions using analysis and innovation. We teach you how to hone these skills and apply them to your most important initiatives.

Leadership Mindset

Leadership is not just about convincing others to follow you. First, it's about having the clarity, focus, and confidence to lead yourself. We work with you to understand your strengths, weakness, and style preferences to tap into your natural inner leader.

Management Skills

Being able to properly manage yourself, your people, your projects and your team is critical to becoming an effective executive. We show you the most effective and easy-to-use tools and techniques to being a more effective manager in every situation.

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These 7 Leadership Styles Allow Great Executives To Tackle Any Situation

Great executives know how to adapt their style to the people and the situation. Here are 7 approaches that will expand your leadership toolkit.

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"Bruce is warm, kind, and trustworthy. He makes it easy to open up about your business needs, wants, and the action items you can follow to make a big impact."

Loren Brill, Founder & CEO - Brian J. Glaser.png

"Bruce is a unique and valuable mentor and gets us to focus and prioritize our time with him. He doesn’t tell you what to do, rather asks insightful and probing questions to get us to think about our business in different, often bigger, ways."

Brian J. Glaser, Ph.D., Head of Executive Development - Giorgio Nadi.png

"Bruce is very aware and an amazing listener, able to see clearly what individual is struggling with."

Giorgio Nadi, CEO