Sharpen Your Vision

If you don't know where you want to go, you'll have a hard time getting there. We help you make your vision clearer, more compelling, and more concrete.

Set your priorities

Once you have your vision set, we guide you in selecting the key priorities that will move the needle forward on your business based on your current strategy and situation.

Define your goals

Using our 90-day planning process, we turn your priorities into clear and measurable action items with milestones and owners to ensure successful implementation.


"Bruce's program was a great set of broad strokes on how to plan your people and execution strategy."

Gail Dunnett, CEO

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"Bruce does a great job in creating actionable content that can be easily discussed."

Greg Materdomini, VP Sales

"As an entrepreneur, taking time to effectively think and work ON the business is critical. Bruce's program does just that."

Sherman Lo, Executive Director & Co-Founder