One-Day Intensive Prep


We're very excited for the upcoming one-day intensive!

Watch the video above and check out the checklist below. If you have ANY questions, email us at If you need to contact us the morning of the intensive, text us at 917-385-7330.

Key things to do/know for the intensive:

1) Fill out the prep form. (See link below) This will help you organize your thoughts and give me some details to help make the most out of the day. It should only take 10-15 mins.

2) Please arrive no later than 9:45 am. The doors will open by 9:30 am; we have a lot to cover. We suggest you arrive in time to get your seat and to get comfortable before we begin.

3) Bring your own water, drinks, coffee, snacks, etc. Please bring whatever you need to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. We'll be doing a lot of thinking, so you'll need to feed your brain.

4) Bring a pen/pencil and a notebook. You'll get a workbook for the day, but having some extra paper for notes is a good idea.

5) Lunch is on your own. We'll break for 30 minutes around 12:30 pm so everyone can get lunch. There are many places in the area to grab food.

6) Come with a fresh mind. Get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, and get a little exercise before you arrive. We start a little later to give you time to get prepared. Also, set your email autoresponders so that you can stay completely present during the day.


Some optional reading that will give you some background on some of topics we will cover. These are not required, but may give you a head start.

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