Key Priorities

In order to see real progress, priorities need to align with your strategy. We make sure your objectives focus on your long-term vision and lead to changes that will get you there. 

Proper Structure

OKRs are a specific two-part system that connect strategy to execution. We use our experience and expertise from over a hundred planning sessions to make sure your OKRs do the job.

Regular Feedback

Many companies write a set of great OKRs only to look at them again for the first time the next quarter. We give you a set of review and discussion tools that you can use weekly to stay on track.

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"Bruce did an exceptional job illustrating specific processes and methodologies that take the guesswork out of strategy development and execution."

Will Willis, Founder - nancy friedman.png

"Bruce is an insightful, thorough, and creative coach who listens and synthesizes what he hears and comes up with actionable advice."

Nancy Friedman, Co-Founder - kevin garton.png

"If you're looking for someone to facilitate and moderate a critical set of meetings with passionate people, Bruce is the best person I know."

Kevin Garton, Chief Marketing Officer