Ask for permission before you launch into giving someone feedback

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Today's one minute management tip is all about giving feedback. It's as you know giving feedback is critical to managing performance. One mistake though I see people make a lot is they rush into the process. And instead what I suggest you do is you wait and you ask for permission.

Ask them "Hey I've got some feedback is now a good time." Two reasons we do this. One is that we want to make sure that people are really ready to hear it. They may be busy they need their head maybe in the wrong space. We want to make sure that they really are able to listen to what we have to say to them.

Two, we want to enroll them in the process. We want to make them a participant and by having them say yes to that question they are now part of it and they're going to own it more. So the next time you want to get some feedback stop wait ask for permission before you give the feedback.

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