Discover Your Purpose

At the center of everything you do is your purpose. It defines the vision you create, the goals you set, and the habits you form. Get clear on your purpose and everything else will fall in place.

Create Your Vision

Once you have your purpose, you can articulate a rich vision of the future that will motivate and inspire you. Conceptualize your vision to clarify your objectives and choose which path to take.

Set Your Goals

Once you have your vision, you can determine the next logical actions you must take to get there. Use simple and natural planning processes to achieve your goals and objectives.


The Personal Annual Plan course is designed for business professionals who have made serious gains in their business lives, but have realized they have failed to apply the same discipline to their personal lives. The course includes the following:

  • Pre-course whole-life assessment
  • Definition of your core values
  • Exploration of your purpose
  • Development an annual set of priorities
  • Your 90-day focused action plan


The Do-It-Yourself option gives you unlimited access to the online course forever, free digital workbook (PDF) , and access to the online FAQ and discussion group.



Includes unlimited access to the online course forever, the workbook, access to FAQ and discussion group...
PLUS one 50-min one-on-one coaching call.


"Enlightening experience for founders spending too much time in their business rather than on their business."

Matt Rodak, CEO

"Bruce is very aware and an amazing listener, able to see clearly what an individual is struggling with."

Giorgio Nadi, CEO

"Bruce is an insightful, thorough, and creative coach who listens and synthesizes what he hears and comes up with actionable advice."

Nancy Friedman, Co-Founder