One day to work ON your business...

RIZE Intensive is specifically designed to give early stage founders and CEOs focused time to work "on their business" instead of in their business. Using proven frameworks and tools, RIZE allows you to reflect on what's working, what's not, and what you need to change in order to be successful and grow your organization.

Take a 360º View of Your Business

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Review how your current people are performing and make sure you have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things.

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Zero in on your competitive advantage, define your core customer, and create your strategy for generating top-line revenue growth

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Assess and improve your key operational processes and core capabilities that turn the money coming into your business into bottom line profit.


Understand how cash flows through your business and what you can do to reduce lead times and delays that tie up your cash so you can keep more money in the bank rather than on the balance sheet.

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"The RIZE Intensive was a great set of broad strokes on how to plan your people and execution strategy."

Gail Dunnett, CEO

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"Bruce does a great job in creating actionable content that can be easily discussed."

Greg Materdomini, VP Sales

"As an entrepreneur, taking time to effectively think and work ON the business is critical. Bruce's RIZE program does just that."

Sherman Lo, Executive Director & Co-Founder

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"This experience can open your eyes to otherwise hidden patterns your company might have and give you some great tools on how to grow your company effectively and strategically."

Lian Lebret, Owner

"Every business owner needs to spend time working on their business and Bruce's program provides the structure and coaching expertise to take it to the next level."

Peter Ungureanu, Co-Founder and CEO

"Bruce is very aware and an amazing listener, able to see clearly what individual is struggling with."

Giorgio Nadi, CEO