Thriving Under Stress - Ava Diamond

Ava Diamond, LCSW, MFC
Mental, Physical, Professional Wellness Coach, Diamond Mind Strategies

Diamond Mind Strategies, based on Ava's decades of clinical and athletic education/experience, are her evidence-based, cutting-edge Mental Fitness Coaching models she customizes for optimizing your best self physically, professionally, and in relationships. Her global coaching program serves individuals, couples, whole families, corporate leaders, corporate teams, and even the US Military (starting in 2017). Her work is available in person and through secured internet conferencing. You can find her books on Amazon/Kindle and she writes Mental Fitness articles and produce videos for various health and wellness websites. She is often asked to participate in radio interviews and podcasts in order to add unique and enriching content to shows on professional growth, medical wellness, and mental health, and fitness. A Diamond Mind is one that is strong, clear, multi-faceted, and unique. Develop YOUR Diamond Mind with her and experience a most precious life.