Clarity of Purpose

Good teams define their objectives so they know exactly what their doing. Great teams define their purpose so they know not just what to do but why they are doing it. And knowing why makes all the difference when the going gets tough.

Increased Productivity

By clearly articulating the work that generates the most value, creating role definitions and matrices, and having a well-honed decision-making process, great teams can reach productivity levels five-ten times average teams.

Continuous Improvement

Great teams are self-managing and self-healing entities. Using the power of reflection and retrospectives as a tool for developing insights, team can zero in on where to improve for future success.

About the program

Team Launch is a 1-3 day intensive that helps new teams start off on their best foot. For existing teams it can be used as a process of realignment and invigoration. Teams are set up for future success by collecting the right information, making the right decisions, and agreeing to the right commitments.

Pre-Session: Key team members and executives are interviewed to collect the expectations and requirements of the team.

At-Session: Team members work through a series of exercise to define the team, and the team's purpose, values, roles, decisions rights, and necessary resources.

Post-Session: Coaching calls help make sure the team is running smoothly and has the information they need to be successful.

"His ability to remain objective, yet provide targeted, thoughtful guidance on a variety of difficult topics has truly been a career highlight for me. He not only offers tailored, individual coaching that I've been able to put into practice with overwhelmingly positive results, but his depth of knowledge and experience are an  invaluable resource."

Jeanine Edwards, VP

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"I’ve known Bruce for many years and we recently hired him to work with the new digital product team at my new company. As an experienced CTO and executive leader, I’ve learned that an outside perspective and insight from a coach can identify key issues and help work through challenges more quickly. Bruce was great."

Lori Michaels, CTO

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"Bruce immediately put us into a cycle of self-reflection, reframing issues, and developing new options. He also introduced some great readings and individual/team exercises that still have us thinking. Bruce is a tremendous team coach and I highly recommend him."

Gene Hsiao, Director Program Management

Bruce Eckfeldt, is a consultant, coach, author and speaker on organization development and high performance teams. He has worked with dozens of teams and organizations using the Team Launch framework.


Types of Teams

Team Launch is specifically designed to help teams that need to work together on a weekly basis and teams that need to perform at the highest levels of collaboration and productivity, such as:

Leadership and Management Teams

Early Stage Startup Teams

Product Development Teams

Software Engineering Teams

Project Teams and PMOs

Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Teams

Research and Innovation Teams

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