Team Launch Workbook

Thank you for your interest in the Team Launch program!

You've made a good choice to focus on improving the quality of your teams. HBS has reported that in the last 10 years, the amount of "collaborative" work that the average American employee engages in has increased over 80%. And if you're in a startup or high-growth company, that number is significantly higher.

Below is the link to download the workbook. Below that is a video that walks you through the various sections of the workbook and describes how to use them and how to set up your Team Launch meeting.

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Consider hiring us to come in and facilitate your meeting. An outside facilitator can help ensure your meeting is successful and your team is set up for success.

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Click on the link below to download your copy of the workbook:

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"His ability to remain objective, yet provide targeted, thoughtful guidance on a variety of difficult topics has truly been a career highlight for me. He not only offers tailored, individual coaching that I've been able to put into practice with overwhelmingly positive results, but his depth of knowledge and experience are an  invaluable resource."

Jeanine Edwards, VP


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"I’ve known Bruce for many years and we recently hired him to work with the new digital product team at my new company. As an experienced CTO and executive leader, I’ve learned that an outside perspective and insight from a coach can identify key issues and help work through challenges more quickly. Bruce was great."

Lori Michaels, CTO

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"Bruce immediately put us into a cycle of self-reflection, reframing issues, and developing new options. He also introduced some great readings and individual/team exercises that still have us thinking. Bruce is a tremendous team coach and I highly recommend him."

Gene Hsiao, Director Program Management