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Thank you so much for being a promotion partner! Everyone in this series has worked very hard and I want this excellent content to reach as many people as possible. Below are details, instructions, and tools to help make this as easy as possible. If you have ANY questions just email me at and I'll get back to you right away.

Promotion period for this program is;

January 2nd through January 9th, 2017

Please try to do you promotion during this period, thanks.

Option 1: Email

Have an email list and want to include information on the summit or maybe do a mailing? Here is some sample copy you can use.


Dear XXX,

I’m excited to tell you that my friend and colleague, Bruce Eckfeldt, is launching a video series called “Thriving Under Stress”.

There are over two hours of video interviews with seven different experts in stress, each with a different background and focus. These videos are a must-see if you’re looking to raise your professional game.

Some of the key points covered in the videos include:

- How stress works in both the body and the brain and how they work together to escalate or deescalate the stress response.

- The short and long-term impacts of stress on our health, our thinking, and our success.

- How we can identify stress early and develop strategies for better stress management and avoidance.

The best part is that this program is completely FREE for a limited time. You can register using the link below to get access to all of the videos. 

Summit Series: Thriving Under Stress
January 9th through February 20th, 2017

Don’t miss this program. Registration takes less than a minute and you’ll have access to the videos for free starting 1/9.

OPTION 2: Social Media

Have a big following on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter? Here are some swipe copy and images you can use to promote the summit. Feel free to edit as you see fit for your audience.


Want to learn how to tackle stress and get better results? Check out this summit with Bruce Eckfeldt:


7 interviews with stress management experts - 1/9-2/20. Register today to get a free invite:


Everything you wanted to know about stress but were afraid to ask - 1/9-2/20, free invite:


Looking for ways of managing stress? Free invite to my colleague Bruce Eckfeldt's summit which airs 1/9-2/20:  


Feel free to any of the images below for your email or social media posts. To download, simply right click and select "save image as..." from the browser.