Your People

Managing people is both an art and a skill. Discover how to set clear expectations, coach performance, and develop powerful working relationships.

Your Teams

A group of people does not automatically make a team. Discover how to set a clear purpose, define your vision of success, and set roles and processes to ensure progress and results.

Your Projects

Learn how to define and manage your projects using Lean/Agile methodologies. Leverage the power of feedback and retrospectives to continuously improve your work.


Being a Better Manager is a 9-week online course specifically for founders, executives, and managers of early stage, high growth companies who want to become great managers. 


Interested in raising your management game? Come join us for a one-day intensive that will give you the practical skills you need to become a better manager today.

Private Training

Interested in having your team or organization raise the bar regarding their management skills? Find out how you can bring the Being a Better Manager program into your company today.

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"If you're looking for someone to facilitate and moderate a critical set of meetings with passionate people, Bruce is the best person I know."

Kevin Garton, Chief Marketing Officer

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"Bruce is an insightful, thorough, and creative coach who listens and synthesizes what he hears and comes up with actionable advice."

Nancy Friedman, Co-Founder

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"Enlightening experience for founders spending too much time in their business rather than on their business."

Matt Rodak, CEO