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Find, select, and keep the best talent

Everyone knows that a company's success hinges on the quality and skills of it's talent. Without the right people, all of the strategy, funding, and product ideas in the world won't deliver results.

This educational video series will teach you what you need to know to find people that don't just have the skills you need, but also have the cultural values that align with your mission and purpose.

Some of the key points covered:

How to define your need in terms of values and cultural fit, not just skills

Where to look for talent that is most likely a good fit for your organization

How to approach the interview process so that you are getting more long-term winners

Getting new people on board quickly and effectively

Keeping talent for the long-term and avoid costly attrition



The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.
— Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Expert Panel of Speakers

Kim Ann Curtin, Founder, The Wall Street Coach

Kim Ann Curtin is a professional keynote speaker with American Program Bureau and the author of Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future. She is the Founder of The Wall Street Coach an international executive coaching and leadership development firm. She and her team work with high profile and high net worth executives in finance who want to accelerate their personal and professional success. Kim's "Five Practices" assist leaders in becoming as successful on the inside as they are on the outside by providing them with tools that facilitate clarity, confidence, power and peace of mind. 

Angela Yeh, Founder & CEO, Yeh IDeology

Yeh IDeology is a leading talent strategy consultancy and recruitment firm, enabling companies to invest in innovation by teaching what drives progressive talent. In order for a company to make a successful investment in innovation talent, Angela knows that that talent has to be integrated well into the organization in order to succeed; and for talent to be effective, it requires an enterprise-wide, organizational commitment. Yeh IDeology offers Talent Strategy consultation and workshops to C-suite and directors of HR who need to understand innovation talent investment more clearly; as well as Success Strategies workshops for design and strategy professionals looking to develop a more intentional career path.

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Kevin Greaney, CEO, Assessment Innovation

Mr. Greaney is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Assessment Innovation, Inc. (Ai). Prior to Ai, Mr. Greaney was President and CEO of Children’s Progress, Inc., an educational technology company he co-founded in 1999. Children’s Progress was acquired by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) in April of 2012. Under Mr. Greaney’s leadership, Children’s Progress became a multiple award winner on the Inc. 500|5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies in 2009, 2010 and 2011. 

Matt Hoffman, VP People, Digital-Ocean

Matt leads the People team at DigitalOcean, a rapidly growing New York based cloud infrastructure provider whose mission is to simplify the complexities of infrastructure by offering one simple and robust platform for developers to easily launch and scale their applications. Matt has lead the People function at several high growth start-up organizations, and has a deep interest in building authentic and innovative cultures that scale with the business. He currently is responsible for leading his team in the fields of Talent Acquisition, People Operations, Talent Development and Employee Experience.


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Danny Gonzalez, Co-Founder, Facticiti

Danny is Co-Founder of Facticiti. Having spent over 20 years in executive recruiting, he's now helping people live out their passions through their careers and avoid wasting time in jobs they do not enjoy. Over ten years ago, he dreamed of a web-based platform that assessed what people enjoy doing and locate jobs in the market for them. Today, as co-founder of Facticiti, he's living this dream by helping millennials with their career decisions by assessing work activity preferences, thinking style, and preferred organizational culture and matching them to over 1,000 job types.


Josh Patrick, Founder, Ask Josh Patrick

Josh's passion in life is helping private business owners and their advisors create extraordinary value with their businesses and lives. He helps create great outcomes using life experiences he's had during his almost forty years of running and being around his favorite people, private business owners. He's a student, an entrepreneur and a curious observer of life. Josh owned a vending and food service company which he grew from 1.5 employees to 90 employees before successfully selling the business.  Along the way he made about a zillion mistakes that you can learn from and hopefully not make the same ones.


Bruce Eckfeldt, CEO and Founder, Eckfeldt & Associates (Program Host)

Bruce Eckfeldt is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker on organizational development and performance management. He advanced the field of Agile/Lean Development as an early contributor to the Agile Conference and as the founder of Cyrus Innovation in 2003, one of the first agile/lean development consulting firms, which he then sold in 2013. Today, Bruce works with startups and high-growth companies to develop business and operational strategy, talent planning, and performance coaching. His expertise includes growing leadership teams, planning and developing middle management, accelerating high-performance individuals, and coaching teams to higher performance.

A company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people.
— Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

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If you hire only those people you understand, the company will never get people better than you are. Always remember that you often find outstanding people among those you don’t particularly like.
— Soichiro Honda, Found of Honda Motor Company